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Here are the bookmarks I’ve collected throughout the whole semester in INF 103.

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AVC Report #2: Osama’s Dead, What’s New?

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On May 1st late at night, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, EVERYBODY was talking about one single thing: Osama’s Dead. This, of course, went on to asking ourselves: What now?

Many people still don’t actually believe in his death, since the government has never been loyally honest with his country but hey, look at the probabilities here:

  1. There has been many clones, yes. And all of them have been reported as clones as soon as they figured it out. Do you really think that by now they wouldn’t have told us that it was, in deed, a clone?
  2. Obama chose to publicize the news to the WHOLE nation, the whole WORLD! And by now there has been multiple reports on every newspaper you could think of that support the fact that Osama is dead.
  3. Why wouldn’t you believe it anyways? Nah i’m kidding, but really, in all lies there’s a hidden truth I’ve always said so if they really are hiding something from us, I can assure you, it’s not Osama’s death.
What everybody is waiting for now is to see the evidence of his death before they buried him down the ocean but see, that’s the thing! They don’t want to publish anything because ‘they’re too nasty’. Now this is where I start to critique everything and anything: Why in the world you wouldn’t publish something that is the key to shut the mouth of everybody in the whole world, just because they’re NASTY? Don’t you even know kids have seen nastier things in the internet, in their HOMES?!
People want the truth and as a government, they should give us the truth, just like that. If they refuse, they’re feeding the old saying: Un pueblo ignorante es un pueblo sometido. (An ignorant country is a manipulated one)

AVC Report #1: Abuse for the SLR’s | Maltrato para las SLR’s

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I’ve lived in Puerto Rico all my life and let me tell you, not once have I ever heard of something so STUPID: A rule that prohibited the use of SLR’s and tripods for taking pictures of historical monuments in the capital of Puerto Rico, San Juan. This is simply an INSULT to the photography community for a simple reason: Not everybody that has a professional camera is a commercial photographer. This story got to our ears when a couple who was taking pictures in Old San Juan got notified that they can’t take photos in Ventana al Mar, Condado because they have a tripod. They are a COUPLE that are taking pictures for personal use ONLY. How ignorant can you be anyways?

As soon as the news broke, every photographer who knew got outraged. It got so bad that a bunch of events, inviting people who have a SLR camera or any camera for that matter, to participate in a mass photo shooting of every corner in San Juan. As soon as this got to ears of the Tourism Company,  they published a note saying that they do not prohibit photography of historical places and monuments for personal use but they DO require a permit for the use of commercial and film purposes. Now, they’re even INVITING everybody who has been taking pictures of San Juan to share them with the Tourism Company at

If it is so, then why didn’t you just tell us the information like it is sooner and then none of all this would have happened? In a way, I don’t blame them but in another way, I do! Why? Because as they say in an article written by Primera Hora: they invoke communication with the officers who are in charge of watching the historical monuments in San Juan and the people who want to take pictures, but how could the officers know all this information if the Tourism Company isn’t clear with the rules they put?

But you know what they say: Puerto Rico lo hace mejor.

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Note from the Author: Since my INF103 class is over, I want to officially announce what this blog will be all about from now on. Since the blog is called “AVC Reports”, I want to start I series of reports that all have to do with Photography and Journalism, as well as some other art-related news. If you have a suggestion you would like to share with me, please send me an e-mail at

Reflexión | Reflection

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Este semestre comencé la clase llamada INF 103 (Fundamentos de Información y Comunicación) y al principio no sabía que esperar de ella, ya que todavía era bastante nueva en la universidad. Desde el principio el maestro me cayó muy bien y me dio altas expectativas del curso. Nos enseño a crear un blog en WordPress (ya yo tenía uno aparte en Tumblr pero me gustó la idea de crear otro) y me gusto tanto que decidí crear OTRO mas pero diferente al blog de la clase. Ese blog iba a ser dedicado específicamente para la cocina y repostería, que es mi hobby favorito. Durante el semestre estuve actualizándolo cada  vez que tenía el tiempo y aparte de las noticias de tecnología que teníamos que escribir, también escribía sobre fotografía y periodismo que son mis otras dos pasiones.

No pensé que mi blog tuviera el éxito que ha tenido hasta hoy y eso que no lo actualizo mucho. Las asignaciones que el maestro nos ha dado son interesantes aunque si algunas fueron un poco tediosas ya que no tenían nada que ver con lo que me interesaba escribir. Lo más que me puedo quejar de la clase es que en parte no cumplió con mis expectativas ya que esperaba que el maestro fuera un poco más al tanto con nuestros trabajos y nos diera mas “feedback”.

Aparte de eso, la clase fue muy buena, el profesor no dio exámenes lo cual siempre es bueno pero sus trabajos eran más que suficientes para mantenernos ocupados por un buen tiempo, diría yo. Siempre trate de no faltar a ninguna clase y pienso que me ayudo a aprender diversas herramientas que hoy día sigo usando. (Delicious, Prezi, Google Docs, etc.)

Finalizando, me hubiera gustado poder tener otra clase con el profesor ya que a pesar de todo, es muy dinámico y extrovertido y le gusta mantener la clase al tanto de los nuevos sucesos de la Web 2.0.

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Instagram: For the hipster inside you.

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taken by AngieOKAY I admit, to me there are a bunch of things wrong with hipsters today and I hate most of them. But to honest, there are some others which we sadly share the same liking. For example, analog photography. My mother used to teach me a lot since little about the many ways of the analog cameras and how they worked. Since then I was fascinated with how such things could make a lo-fi picture but at the same time, make it beautiful to the right eye.

Some people like really HD pictures with no grain whatsoever, some love the pin-hole style of photography which is the simplest of photography for that matter and some (like me) are in between. Soon, I will be purchasing a real analog camera for my B&W class in college and to tell you the truth, i’m excited as ever. It will be a lot of hard work i’m sure, since we will be the ones post producing the pictures afterwards but I feel it will have this sense of mystery in which we don’t know what will happen until the roll is processed and the after-taste as I like to call it. For photography, you need creativity and most of all, passion. A photographer without passion is like a baker who hates sweets, for instance.

So a few days ago while using my iTouch, I discovered this nifty little app in which it lets you edit pictures taken withTaken by Angie your own phone or other camera and transform them into analog heaven. It has a lot of editing accessories which lets your imagination  run wild while you can see how many aspects a simple photograph can have.

Certainly, you don’t NEED to be a professional photographer in order to make your photos look like one but like I said, all you need is imagination. Why I call this a hipster app? Do I really need to explain it to you?

Aside from editing photos, you can upload them to any social network or photo sharing website (i’m sure they’ll be adding more soon) and they are also reflected on your “dashboard”. You can follow people who have the same app and see their photos while they can see yours too.

You can get this app for free in the App Store as I believe it only works for iTouch and iPhone. Also, you can visit their site here. C’mon, Give it a try.

AVC Reports: Site Stats

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My current site stats are as follows:

  • I’ve had 354 views to this day since I first made this blog
  • I’ve gotten 23 views in one day, March 4, 2011
  • I get between 1-5 views daily, depending on the activity the blog has at the moment, sometimes it could be higher or lower

I believe I could do better since I’ve had this blog for a few months now but right now I’m focusing more on finishing all the homework that’s been given to me to post on this blog. Later on I believe I’ll try to post more interesting things which will be of pleasure to everybody. But so far, I’m happy with where I’m at and I hope it keeps getting better.

Resumen Clase INF103 3/24/11

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