This video was made for the sole purpose of recapping my life and what happens on a daily basis in terms of college & studying. I may have exaggerated a little bit on the energy drink fact but that’s just me, thousands of other students are carrying with the same problem or even worse, they’ve become addicts of their own trap without them knowing. Caffeine can be our best friend and our worst enemy, all at the same time and sadly most college students know this. There’s this thing called p r e s s u r e which makes us indulge in these things to make ourselves work better when in reality, they only make us work slower and feel slower afterward. There really was a time when I thought I needed energy drinks/pills/etc in order to stay more alert and concentrated when it came to attending class and studying but alas, I was wrong. It did nothing to me, like I was immune after just a couple of them. The only thing that could make me really alert was soda but I don’t drink it anymore for health purposes. So why should I drink energy drinks?

Some people need the extra push and some people don’t but in any way, you’re not alone because millions of other teenagers and adults alike are sharing the same problem as you. Try to find other methods of concentration like a friend told me in the video, she listened to music in order to stay awake. You don’t have to risk  your health just for an exam, even if you think you do.

This video was made by me and a class colleague, Carmen Rodriguez.


~ by Angie on February 14, 2011.

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