The first mobile cellphone that is a Playstation as well…What?

Yeah you’re not reading it wrong so don’t clean up your monitor/cellphone screen. Mobile video games have existed since the start of…cellphones themselves with games like Snake and Tetris that, as low quality as they were, had us entertained for hours in those ridiculously long road trips and waiting lines. Then, as we arrive home, we instantly went to our now-antique consoles that had us going back and forth when it didn’t want to work and so on…

Now, who would have thought that today we could have our consoles integrated in our cellphones at the same time? I know Einstein didn’t. Sure, there are handheld video game consoles and whatnot…but you can’t talk with that can you? I thought so. Yesterday, Sony Ericsson introduced for the first time a smart phone with the capacity to hold up the Sony Playstation with many games to choose from.

Sony PSP

IMO, I’m a little apprehensive about this new product and I don’t think it will skyrocket like all the other handheld consoles (the graphics aren’t that big of a deal)) but who knows, maybe it will be the next big thing and the PSP will be long forgotten…*ahem*

Not happening.


~ by Angie on February 16, 2011.

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