Does a camera make you pro?

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First, read this article on DPS so you may understand where i’m going with this: Click Here.

A lot of people think than by having the newest camera in the market will make you a pro photographer. I’m sorry to burst that bubble for you but the answer is no. I could have the amazing EOS-1Ds Mark III or the D3X and I could still suck at photography, just with more pixels than a normal point-and-shoot. There has been people all over the world who have taken AMAZING, winner photographs out of their iPhones.

Where am I going with this? Simple, a camera does not make you a pro or better at photography. Let’s start off with what photography really means: Photography is the concept of capturing light permanently, it does not say anywhere that you specifically need a really awesome camera to do this. Photographers everywhere know this and they also know they don’t really need all those camera products and artifacts in order to take a good picture, but they do strive for the best so might as well spend a little more for more quality. In photography, is quality, not quantity that you seek and even if you, as an amateur photographer, don’t really need or can have all those expensive photography junk, deal with what you have; make the best of it because in the end that’s all that matters.

Camera: Canon PowerShot SX20 IS

To take myself for example, I use a Canon Powershot SX20 IS for all of my photography at the moment. I do strive to buy a better camera in the future but for now it’s all I can really afford. But what’s more is that I’ve been able to take beautiful pictures with it that can fool anybody into thinking I have a high-end camera. So it’s not always about the product, you see, it’s about what can you put in the table (ie. imagination) and how do you make yourself be a part of that image you already see in your mind when taking that amazing photograph.

Go outside the box when doing photography, experiment a million times even if all you have is your cellphone camera

Cellphone Picture; btw it's not an iPhone

because even the experts had to start the way you are now. As for amateurs photographers striving to be professionals, the only advice I can say to you as an amateur photographer myself is, as cheesy as it sounds, don’t give up on that perfect photo, even if it takes you hours, days, months, YEARS, keep doing what you do because a photographer isn’t born in one day, it takes a lot of hard work and millions of photos later to see what an amazing photographer you could really be. Never put a photo as your ‘best work’, always look forward to what you could do better because we photographers are like teachers:


We never stop learning.


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