Instagram: For the hipster inside you.

taken by AngieOKAY I admit, to me there are a bunch of things wrong with hipsters today and I hate most of them. But to honest, there are some others which we sadly share the same liking. For example, analog photography. My mother used to teach me a lot since little about the many ways of the analog cameras and how they worked. Since then I was fascinated with how such things could make a lo-fi picture but at the same time, make it beautiful to the right eye.

Some people like really HD pictures with no grain whatsoever, some love the pin-hole style of photography which is the simplest of photography for that matter and some (like me) are in between. Soon, I will be purchasing a real analog camera for my B&W class in college and to tell you the truth, i’m excited as ever. It will be a lot of hard work i’m sure, since we will be the ones post producing the pictures afterwards but I feel it will have this sense of mystery in which we don’t know what will happen until the roll is processed and the after-taste as I like to call it. For photography, you need creativity and most of all, passion. A photographer without passion is like a baker who hates sweets, for instance.

So a few days ago while using my iTouch, I discovered this nifty little app in which it lets you edit pictures taken withTaken by Angie your own phone or other camera and transform them into analog heaven. It has a lot of editing accessories which lets your imagination  run wild while you can see how many aspects a simple photograph can have.

Certainly, you don’t NEED to be a professional photographer in order to make your photos look like one but like I said, all you need is imagination. Why I call this a hipster app? Do I really need to explain it to you?

Aside from editing photos, you can upload them to any social network or photo sharing website (i’m sure they’ll be adding more soon) and they are also reflected on your “dashboard”. You can follow people who have the same app and see their photos while they can see yours too.

You can get this app for free in the App Store as I believe it only works for iTouch and iPhone. Also, you can visit their site here. C’mon, Give it a try.


~ by Angie on April 10, 2011.

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