AVC Report #1: Abuse for the SLR’s | Maltrato para las SLR’s

I’ve lived in Puerto Rico all my life and let me tell you, not once have I ever heard of something so STUPID: A rule that prohibited the use of SLR’s and tripods for taking pictures of historical monuments in the capital of Puerto Rico, San Juan. This is simply an INSULT to the photography community for a simple reason: Not everybody that has a professional camera is a commercial photographer. This story got to our ears when a couple who was taking pictures in Old San Juan got notified that they can’t take photos in Ventana al Mar, Condado because they have a tripod. They are a COUPLE that are taking pictures for personal use ONLY. How ignorant can you be anyways?

As soon as the news broke, every photographer who knew got outraged. It got so bad that a bunch of events, inviting people who have a SLR camera or any camera for that matter, to participate in a mass photo shooting of every corner in San Juan. As soon as this got to ears of the Tourism Company,  they published a note saying that they do not prohibit photography of historical places and monuments for personal use but they DO require a permit for the use of commercial and film purposes. Now, they’re even INVITING everybody who has been taking pictures of San Juan to share them with the Tourism Company at seepuertorico.com.

If it is so, then why didn’t you just tell us the information like it is sooner and then none of all this would have happened? In a way, I don’t blame them but in another way, I do! Why? Because as they say in an article written by Primera Hora: they invoke communication with the officers who are in charge of watching the historical monuments in San Juan and the people who want to take pictures, but how could the officers know all this information if the Tourism Company isn’t clear with the rules they put?

But you know what they say: Puerto Rico lo hace mejor.

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Note from the Author: Since my INF103 class is over, I want to officially announce what this blog will be all about from now on. Since the blog is called “AVC Reports”, I want to start I series of reports that all have to do with Photography and Journalism, as well as some other art-related news. If you have a suggestion you would like to share with me, please send me an e-mail at angie.avc@gmail.com.


~ by Angie on April 30, 2011.

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