The girl behind the blog

The name’s Angelica. I was born eighteen years ago on November 30th and since then I’ve been going against the crowd, searching for what truly defines me. I found photography a few years ago when I decided to quit on drawing temporarily and I’ve fallen in love with it ever since. I still draw from time to time, it’s still one of my passions and something a lot of people know me for, but it will stay as part of my heart just like everything that I hold dear to me. Family is first, I can never say I’ve gone a day alone without any of them try to search through my feelings and make me happier. My boyfriend is my life, he’s been constantly on it for 2 years now, as a friend and as a lover; he’s my everything. I cherish the friends that I have since I know from first-hand that the word ‘friends’ is a dime in my pocket and real friends can be counted with one hand. There are a millions things that could be said about me right now, but I prefer you found out about them by yourself as you see the world through my eyes.


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