Prezi – Web 2.0

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By: Angiellix and Cheska Rodz

Web 2.0 – It’s not a change in technology, it’s a change of attitude.


Homework Resume (Trabajos Realizados)

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  7. Technology deprives us from sleep – Nothing new. #noticia
  8. Historia de la Computadora (Google Docs) #asignacion5
  9. My resume #asignacion6
  10. How do I study? (¿Cómo yo estudio?) #asignacion7
  11. SlideShare Presentation (Power Point) #asignacion8
  12. Homework Resume (Trabajos Realizados) #asignacion9

SlideShare Presentation (Power Point)

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This is a dummy presentation for my INF103 class in USC. I based it on my other WordPress blog, The Pastry Maniac and I thought it was a fun idea to tell people How to be a Pastry Maniac.

How do I study? (¿Cómo yo estudio?)

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This is, actually, pretty simple. I made a video a month ago talking about how I had to use energy drinks and stuff like that to keep myself awake studying. Well in all truthfulness, that really isn’t what I do. I USED to drink a few energy drinks here and there when I needed the boost but I wasn’t addicted. I mainly pin pointed that aspect of my life and exaggerated it for the sake of the video (people are actually like that IRL, so it isn’t totally irrelevant).

To be honest, I don’t really have a ‘schedule’ where I separate an exact hour to study and so forth. My lifestyle is pretty much, crazy at this moment in time so I can’t really just say “OK, I’ll study at 7pm everyday no matter what” because that isn’t always the case. I do tend to not sleep correctly from time to time because when I actually get myself to study, it’s already 11pm. Mind you, I don’t always do this, just when I realize I have an exam the next morning and I haven’t studied shit for whatever reason.

I tend to be very versatile and sometimes I do more than 2 things at once, even when studying. I know it’s bad and I try not to do it as much but it just happens. I’m a firm believer of  “24 hours isn’t enough” so I try to over expand my capabilities to the max just to get things done in time. Usually when all I have to do is study this is what I do:

  1. I go to my room
  2. Shut the door
  3. Turn off everything (music, tv,etc)
  4. Get my books and everything else in my bed (I don’t have a desk…)
  5. Get to work

I usually spend at least 1-2 hours studying (when I really need to) in a day, 2-3 times a week. I’m ALSO a firm believer that if you always pay attention in class, tend to sit in the front as much as possible and ask a lot of questions if you need to, you won’t have to study too much. The information the professor gives you in a day of class tends to store itself in parts of your brain so usually, if you pay close attention, when you go to review everything it’s always fresh in your mind. The night before and during the day I’ll tend to keep refreshing and reviewing everything I need to know for the exam/quiz/oral report/etc, even 10 minutes before the actual thing. People say this is sort of ‘bottling’ information but for me it isn’t. Why? Because I never tend to actually forget about the information I learned.

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Technology deprives us from sleep – Nothing new.

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Sometimes 24 hours isn't enough

Many of us have heard or experienced this before. After hours of school/work and finally getting to our homes, we feel it would be a waste of time to sleep until the next morning and do the same process every single day. This is where technology kicks in, taking up enormous amounts of our time by web surfing, social networks, blogging, etc. By the end of the day, we find ourselves with little over 5-7 hours of sleep where we should be getting 8-9 hours.


I, myself, am one of those people where video games, social networking and blogging takes  up to 6 hours of my day, everyday. I don’t sleep the necessary hours recommended by studies but I’m still here, right? (Please, don’t take my example though)

You see, all these studies only tell us a standard for the mass population but they don’t count that we also spend up to 6-12 hours A DAY working our asses off or at school/studying in order to get a good future and by future, I mean spending more and more of our time to earn money and for what? Yes, to spend it on mainly artifacts for our entertainment which mostly consist of, you guess it, technology.

It is proven that the light that emits most artifacts keeps us from going to sleep straightforward, that’s why it’s recommended to not use any technology before going to sleep. Take for example: Kids. Most of them want to play video games before going to sleep unless their parents tell them not to. What happens then? Their sanctuary is in their video games since they probably spend most of the time at school, studying and socializing at day. By night their only method of entertainment is playing video games. So what can you do? As a good parent, you should set time limits for playing and let them play a little bit more on the weekends, that way they will focus more on their studies on the week.


Let the war begin!

So technology isn’t always the bad guy here, you see. Some people are sleep deprived because they want to be. Even if most of your day consist of working and/or studying with little to no fun at all, you should set time limits on entertainment in order to also get a good amount of sleep. That way, you wont be as tired the next morning and feeling you’re about to crash.


This is what happens when 24 hours isn’t enough.

Reference: Newspaper El País

Lista Clase Informática 103 s.8

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*n/a = Dia feriado/No hay clase

Esta es la lista con todas las personas de la clase INF103 s.8 y sus respectivos dias de hacer su resumen de la clase.

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My resume

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Click Here to See It

(it’s in Spanish)

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